Expertise - FAB5+

Approach & expertise

In house expertise. We see our work not as an individual achievement but always as a team effort. We accomplish nothing without our team players.
Our expertise at a glance:

  1. Design & architecture
  2. Concept development
  3. Purchase & product development
  4. Construction & outfitting
  5. Marketing & art
  6. Consultancy & support

Building something is collaboration

When designing and developing housing concepts, large or small, is very much involved. Almost always, there are many parties involved, such as (local) governments, architects, housing associations, customers and construction companies. FAB5+ can be involved at the very first moment in the development of a living concept and often plays the role of initiator, director and unifying factor. In addition to the contribution of our own attitudes and beliefs, we also master the art to appreciate and embraces the good ideas from our partners. In fact, we are doing everything to bring out the best in them.