How we work - FAB5+

How it works, this is our method

Sustainable living in four steps:

In order to help our customers as much as possible FAB5+ developed the 360º principle. This principle allows you to step in the process at any time. In only four distinct phase steps, we come to a fantastic result. Ofcourse, we guarantee an excellent service oriented aftercare. It may be that you already have a design or  just even an idea, anything is possible.

How it works

 Whether we work with architects, designers, contractors, or directly with a client, we see the project in 360° perspective.

  • Concept, design

    Non-committal acquaintance, discuss your needs

  • Production, delivery

    Collaborate to get your dream house into production

  • Construction, finishing

    Freedom of choice in style and finish

  • Completion, celebration

    Together celebrating your new home-coming

Full concept

Easy does it, sustainability is good for the environment and people. FAB5+ has specialists in the company at every profession. Also for interior and garden design we advise a plan with naturally a beautiful sense of sustainability. We do more than just designing the object, build it and construct it. Here, too: outsourcing is saving money. FAB5+ accompanies you throughout the process. We serve your dream home completed with sanitary products, kitchens, flooring, interior and sustainable energy solutions!

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