Architects - FAB5+

Innovating together the housing sector

We’re looking for ambitious architects with guts. Innovative people, who are ready to go off the beaten track.
How it works

Are you an architect with a passion for change and sustainable living? Then read on. You design a house according to your own vision and with the consumer in mind. Always. You have total creative freedom but also need to design durable and cost-conscious.


Are you in?

If you participate, we expect you can independently create a design and can provide related technical information. We assume you’ve a basic knowledge on the following topics:


• Building code

• EPC – calculation

• Daylight calculation

• Ventilation calculation

• Area calculation

• Environmental-test


Give us a call or send and email, so we can make an appointment to tell you more about our goals and have time to get to know each other.

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