5S Building System - FAB5+

5S Building System

Build fast, strong and energy-saving

Perfect for home builders

5S Building system is ideal for the homebuilder. Explore and build yourself your own dream home.

Extremely strong lightweight sandwich-panels, superfast to build. Perfect for houses, care homes, garden, residential-and living spaces as well as commercial buildings and apartments.

Construction method of the future

5S-panels are high-grade thermal panels which consist of a sandwich of two layers of sheet material (OSB, plywood, steel, or fiber-cement), with in between an insulating layer of expanded polystyrene (EPS). The most common with OSB panels consist of an EPS core. Easy to handle, eco offers flexibility to the design.


Perfect for homebuilders

Always want to build your dream home? And perhaps a sustainable home, at an affordable price and with low energy bills? It can be very easy with the 5S Building System. Whether you want a life-proof house, a very modern designed villa or even a large but decent semi-detached house. You decide how your dream home will look like and we will arrange it to be built, no worries. But you can also choose to build it yourself or by someone else. It’s that fast and simple. Multiple finishes can be used, there is wide range of use and application. To inform you fully about it, please contact us.

5S paneel op fundering
5S paneel plaatsen
Build simple

The panels are tailor-made with door and window openings, but without the door/window frame.
The EPS is recessed along the edges to secure the panels seamlessly on the floor, ceiling or other panels.

Perfectly manufactured

The hull property is easily installed by the maintenance of the building and working drawings. All door and window openings are (computer-controlled) cut in the factory. All required fasteners and tools  are supplied by us.

5S paneel uitsparing


Very short construction period, affordable, transparent investment overview

Extremely durable

Energy saving and long-life building concept, environment friendly

Delicious comfort

Ideal residential and living environment, dust and allergy free

Learn more about the construction method of the future.